Trials data extraction from raw Bpod output This module will extract the Bpod trials and wheel data based on the task protocol, i.e. habituation, training or biased.



Extracts a training session from its path.

extract_all(session_path, save=True, bpod_trials=None, settings=None)[source]

Extracts a training session from its path. NB: Wheel must be extracted first in order to extract trials.firstMovement_times. :param session_path: the path to the session to be extracted :param save: if true a subset of the extracted data are saved as ALF :param bpod_trials: list of Bpod trial data :param settings: the Bpod session settings :return: trials: Bunch/dict of trials :return: wheel: Bunch/dict of wheel positions :return: out_Files: list of output files