Data Release - Brain Wide Map

IBL aims to understand the neural basis of decision-making in the mouse by gathering a whole-brain activity map composed of electrophysiological recordings pooled from multiple laboratories. We have systematically recorded from nearly all major brain areas with Neuropixels probes, using a grid system for unbiased sampling and replicating each recording site in at least two laboratories. These data have been used to construct a brain-wide map of activity at single-spike cellular resolution during a decision-making task. Please read the associated article (IBL et al. 2023). In addition to the map, this data set contains other information gathered during the task: sensory stimuli presented to the mouse; mouse decisions and response times; and mouse pose information from video recordings and DeepLabCut analysis. Please read our accompanying technical paper for details on the experiment and data processing pipelines. To explore the data, visit our vizualisation website.

Overview of the Data

We have released data from 459 Neuropixel recording sessions, which encompass 699 probe insertions, obtained in 139 subjects performing the IBL task across 12 different laboratories. As output of spike-sorting, there are 376730 units; of which 45085 are considered to be of good quality. In total, 138 brain regions were recorded in sufficient numbers for inclusion in IBL’s analyses (IBL et al. 2023).

Data structure and download

The organisation of the data follows the standard IBL data structure.

Please see

  • These instructions to download an example dataset for one session, and get familiarised with the data structure

  • These instructions to learn how to use the ONE-api to search and download the released datasets

  • These instructions to get familiarised with specific data loading functions


  • The tag associated to this release is Brainwidemap

Updates on the data

Note: The section Overview of the Data contains the latest numbers released.

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15 February 2024

We have added data from an additional 105 recording sessions, which encompass 152 probe insertions, obtained in 24 subjects performing the IBL task. As output of spike-sorting, there are 81229 new units; of which 12319 are considered to be of good quality.

We have also replaced and removed some video data. Application of additional quality control processes revealed that the video timestamps for some of the previously released data were incorrect. We corrected the video timestamps where possible (285 videos: 137 left, 148 right) and removed video data for which the correction was not possible (139 videos: 135 body, 3 left, 1 right). We also added 31 videos (16 left, 15 right). We strongly recommend that all data analyses using video data be rerun with the data currently in the database (please be sure to clear your cache directory first).