Data Release - Pilot Dataset

The IBL has released a handful of pilot datasets that are available for download through ONE.

How to browse the datasets

If you first want to quickly view and browse what datasets are in a recording session, you can easily do so in a web browser via this Flatiron web page.

Generally speaking, a single recording session fits into a folder, which name is characterised by: it’s lab name / a folder Subjects / the name of the subject (i.e. the mouse nickname) / the date / the session number.

For example: mainenlab/Subjects/ZM_2240/2020-01-21/001


  • A lab can host multiple subjects, e.g. the Churchland lab hosts CSHL047 and CSHL049.

  • There can be multiple sessions done in one day per subject, in such case the number of session 001 would increase to 002, 003 etc.

  • Sometimes, the valuable data is found only in a later session in the day (in the case of a restart for example), so it is not uncommon to see sessions for which only the 003 folder is saved for example.

Neuropixels pilot datasets

Specifically, the Neuropixels pilot datasets are in the folders:

Taking the session from mainenlab/Subjects/ZM_2240/2020-01-21/001/ as example, the following subfolders will contain:

  • alf/ : The extracted data, to be used in analysis.

  • logs/ : logged information

  • raw_behavior_data/ : The raw behavior data (events that occur during a trials)

  • raw_ephys_data/ : The raw ephys data (in this case, Neuropixels data)

  • raw_passive_data/: The raw passive data (events that occur during the replay of task stimuli)

  • raw_video_data/: The raw video data

  • spike_sorters/ : The raw processing output data for each spike sorter used

The alf/ folder notably contains:

  • the probe folder (probe00/ or probe01/), in which are the extracted output of the spike sorting to be used for analysis

  • the extracted behavior trials data

  • the extracted DLC data (for each camera used, here body, left and right)

  • the extracted wheel data

  • the extracted passive protocol data

One probe folder, e.g. probe00/ can contain the output of multiple spike sorters. In this case, it contains a first spike sorter output directly into the folder itself (see e.g. the cluster datasets), and a secondary version under a subfolder (here the subfolder named pykilosort).

The size of each dataset can be easily viewed under the Size column in the web browser. For example, the raw vide data is particularly heavy (several GB). In this specific case, you can view the raw video data in the browser by clicking on it, e.g. _iblrig_leftCamera.raw.

A detailed explanation of datasets definition and format are described in this sheet and document.

Download the public datasets

To start downloading and performing analysis on the datasets, please follow the link below.

  1. Accessing public data with ONE