The psychofit toolbox contains tools to fit two-alternative psychometric data. The fitting is done using maximal likelihood estimation: one assumes that the responses of the subject are given by a binomial distribution whose mean is given by the psychometric function. The data can be expressed in fraction correct (from .5 to 1) or in fraction of one specific choice (from 0 to 1). To fit them you can use these functions: weibull50 - Weibull function from 0.5 to 1, with lapse rate weibull - Weibull function from 0 to 1, with lapse rate erf_psycho - erf function from 0 to 1, with lapse rate erf_psycho_2gammas - erf function from 0 to 1, with two lapse rates Functions in the toolbox are: mle_fit_psycho - Maximumum likelihood fit of psychometric function neg_likelihood - Negative likelihood of a psychometric function For more info, see: Examples - Examples of use of psychofit toolbox Matteo Carandini, 2000-2015.


Set of functions to handle wheel data