Contributing to documentation


The main contents file is found in docs/index.rst. Some pages are written in markdown (.md), and are in the docs/ folder. The rest are Jupyter notebooks (.ipynb), placed in the docs/notebooks/ folder. The API reference is automatically generated from the docstrings in the code. Docstrings should follow the NumPy style. Examples of the NumPy docstring format can be found here.

Committing code to GitHub repo

Commits to the ‘docs’ branch will trigger the documentation to compile and build automatically.
External users should open a pull request to this branch.

Running locally

To build the docs locally, first ensure all the requirements are installed:

pip install -r requirements-docs.txt

Then run the file from within the docs/ folder with the -d flag:

cd docs/
python ./ -d

The HTML files are placed in docs/_build/html/.