Accessing data with ONE light

ONE light is an implementation of ONE that can be used independently of the full IBL data architecture. Providing data is hierachically organised into sub-folders and file-names that match the ONE convention, ONE light can use the same basic ONE commands to search for and load data of interest. ONE light supports data that has been uploaded to a webserver, to figshare (a site offering free hosting of scientific data) or that is stored on a user’s local machine. For an example implementation of ONE Light and more information about how to use this interface to automatically upload data to figshare, please refer to this page.

The behavioural data associated with the IBL paper: A standardized and reproducible method to measure decision-making in mice has been made available through the ONE Light interface. To get started use ONE Light with this data, download **** onto your local computer from here and follow this tutorial.

You can also check out this google colab notebook that uses ONE Light with the IBL behavioural data to replicate the figures presented in this paper.