Source code for oneibl.tests.test_dataclass

import unittest
import numpy as np
import copy

from oneibl.dataclass import SessionDataInfo

[docs]class TestSearch(unittest.TestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self): # Init connection to the database dc1 = SessionDataInfo( dataset_type='first dtype', dataset_id='first uuid data', local_path='/first/path', eid='first uuid session', url='first url', data=np.array([1, 2, 3]), ) dc2 = SessionDataInfo( dataset_type='second dtype', dataset_id='second uuid data', local_path='/second/path', eid='second uuid session', url='second url', data=np.array([1, 2, 3]), ) self.dc1 = dc1 self.dc2 = dc2 self.dce = SessionDataInfo()
[docs] def test_append(self): dc1 = copy.copy(self.dc1) dc2 = copy.copy(self.dc2) dcall = copy.copy(dc1) # append real dictionaries dcall.append(dc2) self.assertEqual(dcall.dataset_type, [dc1.dataset_type, dc2.dataset_type]) self.assertEqual(, [,])
[docs] def test_append_empty(self): # append with an empty value should reflect the length dcall = copy.copy(self.dc1) dcall.append(self.dce) self.assertEqual(dcall.dataset_type, [self.dc1.dataset_type, None]) self.assertEqual(, [, None])