Source code for brainbox.tests.test_core

import unittest
import tempfile
from pathlib import Path

import numpy as np

from brainbox import core

[docs]class TestBunch(unittest.TestCase):
[docs] def test_sync(self): """ This test is just to document current use in libraries in case of refactoring """ sd = core.Bunch({'label': 'toto', 'ap': None, 'lf': 8}) self.assertTrue(sd['label'] is sd.label) self.assertTrue(sd['ap'] is sd.ap) self.assertTrue(sd['lf'] is sd.lf) sda = core.Bunch({'label': np.array('toto'), 'ap': np.array(None), 'lf': np.array(8)}) dfa = sda.to_df() self.assertTrue(sda is dfa) sdb = core.Bunch({'label': np.array(['toto', 'tata']), 'ap': np.array([None, 1]), 'lf': np.array([10, 8])}) dfb = sdb.to_df() for k in sdb: self.assertTrue(np.all(sdb[k] == dfb[k].values))
[docs] def test_bunch_io(self): a = np.random.rand(50, 1) b = np.random.rand(50, 1) abunch = core.Bunch({'a': a, 'b': b}) with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as td: npz_file = Path(td).joinpath('test_bunch.npz') another_bunch = core.Bunch.load(npz_file) [self.assertTrue(np.all(abunch[k]) == np.all(another_bunch[k])) for k in abunch] npz_filec = Path(td).joinpath('test_bunch_comp.npz'), compress=True) another_bunch = core.Bunch.load(npz_filec) [self.assertTrue(np.all(abunch[k]) == np.all(another_bunch[k])) for k in abunch] with self.assertRaises(FileNotFoundError): core.Bunch.load(Path(td) / 'fake.npz')
if __name__ == "__main__": unittest.main(exit=False)